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Mice and rats are important to the environment in that they are a staple food of a variety of animals such as cats, owls, snakes, and various arthropods. However, mice and rat infestations are not only an inconvenient nuisance to home and business owners, but present dangers due to their ability to carry and transmit disease through their excretions. They have also been known to cause structural damage to homes and businesses making them one of the most annoying pests known in the pest control industry.

Mice and Rats Carry Disease
The most notable diseases transmitted by mice and rats include:

These conditions and diseases can be extremely dangerous to humans. They are transmitted through contact with the animal’s feces, urine, touch or bites.

Rats and Mice Control Tips
The two best things you can do to rodent proof your home are:

If you have sealed your food and structural openings and are still having problems with rodents, traps and rodenticides may be required to deal with the problem. If you are dealing with mice and rats in your home or business and need professional Albuquerque mice control services, contact Ever Green Ecological Solutions.

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